Union Head

Union Head specializes in digital strategies management (Programmatic media, Google, Facebook, Data, Analysis etc.) with the objective of providing significant value to our clients, beyond the impact of the media itself. This is made possible thanks to technologies used in the most advanced markets in the world.

Union Head operates within three primary parameters:
  1. Our clients' needs
  2. Media consumption characteristics of consumers.
  3. Forecasts of digital media development for the year 2020 and the groundwork required to prepare today.

Union Head consolidates a digital team that fully synchronizes all media management platforms, all data and analysis generating complete synchronization between the client's needs on all digital media channels- all in full cooperation with the client.

Union Head has set its goals beyond advanced media objectives and high ROI, to transform every campaign from a means to a goal, creating a smart advanced data base of consumers, their characteristic media consumption and their affiliation with our brands.
Using this information with advanced technology and analysis, creates the most important consumer data base for our clients, and serves as an infrastructure for direct communication and the highest level of measurement.

Our People

The Union Head team includes specialists in all managed digital and media platforms, with extensive experience managing many campaigns for leading brands in Israel, some thanks to specializing in global managed media in the most advanced international markets.

Zahi Manzur is Union Head's CEO, a veteran media expert with vast experience and knowledge in the digital world. 11 years of experience in advertising, media and marketing strategy.